To respond favorably to all requests, Twin & Actilit beds are complemented by a wide range of options and accessories. As each service is different, we can respond to the needs of each pathology and request care staff.


  • sat-commande-patient
  • Patient control satellite réf. LSUGHTPSAT
  • sat-commande-soignant
  • Nursing satellite remote control réf. LSUGHTSSAT
  • veilleuse-large
  • Night light réf. LSUGHTVEIL Lets you monitor the patient without waking him up. The patient visualizes his bed more quickly without turning on the light. (Accessory only possible with satellite option).
  • Reading lamp réf. LSUGHTLAMPE
  • options-acti-roulettes
  • Servo casters with centralised braking on 4 wheels diam. 125mm réf. LSUGHRI125
  • diam. 150mm réf. LSUGHRI150
  • 5th directional wheel diam. 125mm réf. LSUGHR5
  • Fixed height panel réf. LSUGHTPANFIXE


  • flexible
  • Remote control holder réf. LSUGHFL
  • barrieres-pliantes
  • 3/4 folding side rails réf. LSUGH2BPLTA2
  • protection-mousse
  • Foam rails protection réf. LSUGHPMBF
  • porte-urinal
  • Urine bag holder réf. LSUGHPU
  • porte-redon
  • Drain holder réf. LSUGHPRECLA
  • tiges-2
  • TIV pole 2 hooks réf. LSUGHPSTL2
  • tiges-4
  • IV pole 4 hooks réf. LSUGHPSTAL4
  • potence
  • Trapeze bar réf. LSUGHPL
  • enrouleur
  • Addition on the trapeze bar – reel on the bracket réf. LSUGHPLPE





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