This bed meets all the current economic constraints. It is simple to use and suited to current care provision.
1 – Trapeze bar slot
2 – Braked caster
3 – Vertical panel extraction
4 – Upper torso / leg-raising handle
5 – intravenous dripstand


HF312 et HF315 Available in several configurations and suitable for various environments: residential, psychiatric… The options available on these beds, such as restraint belt attachment points, bolting of panels, floor-anchoring flanges, casters, pads… make them suitable for many purposes. A range of panels and colours enable them to be adapted to suit various environments, humanising their use
1 – Trapeze bar and intravenous dripstand slots
2 – Braked caster
3 – Vertical panel extraction
4 – Mechanical upper torso / leg raising handle





The five reasons why you should chose AHF