Bedroom tables


The solid beech bases of the Corail bedroom tables provide a more humane and opulent-looking dimension to the rooms. They are often used in VIP bedrooms or in residential or long-term care homes. The table tops’ ergonomic design and laminated coating make cleaning easy.

Colour charts


  • ahf-_0002s_0019_Woodline
  • ahf-_0002s_0018_Frene lyon
  • ahf-_0002s_0017_Hacienda
  • ahf-_0002s_0016_Bouleau
  • ahf-_0002s_0015_Poirier
  • ahf-_0002s_0014_merisier
  • ahf-_0002s_0013_chene nebraska
  • ahf-_0002s_0012_hetre lyon
  • ahf-_0002s_0011_Chene naturel
  • ahf-_0002s_0010_erable
  • ahf-_0002s_0009_Basalte
  • ahf-_0002s_0008_Reflet
  • ahf-_0002s_0007_Orange
  • ahf-_0002s_0006_Cerise
  • ahf-_0002s_0005_Abeille
  • ahf-_0002s_0004_Sancha
  • ahf-_0002s_0003_Aluminium
  • ahf-_0002s_0002_Bleu polaire
  • ahf-_0002s_0001_Horizon
  • ahf-_0002s_0000_Craie


  • ahf-_0000s_0004_Blanchi
  • ahf-_0000s_0003_Naturel
  • ahf-_0000s_0002_Acajou
  • ahf-_0000s_0001_Wenghé
  • ahf-_0000s_0000_Mérisier


Avec un tiroir ou une niche réf. LUNTABLDP800, Table pouvant accueillir chaise sans accoudoir. Existe en version 1000 réf. LUNTABLDP1000

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