The Floore bed and medical furniture offer residents harmonious bedrooms that create a relaxing atmosphere of contentment.

The elegant hotel design is available in two different panel types.

Our large colour chart creates a contemporary look for the rooms.

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Floore bed in video

Discover our side rails

Reducing the risk of falling while allowing freedom of movement

3/4 length side rail

Compliant with IEC 6061-2-52 Fall prevention

  • In case of an emergency, this side rail allows the resident to get out of bed.
  • An extension to full length is available as an accessory, to achieve maximum security.
  • Easy release by a single push-button.
  • 2 positions :- standard mattress position (up to 14 cm) – therapeutic mattress position


Compliant with IEC 6061-2-52 Fall prevention

  • While allowing the resident more freedom of movement.
  • It provides security for the patient when in bed
  • There are two rails, providing caregivers with four different possibilities:

Level 1 : Light protection.

Both half-rails raised to notch number 1 offer significant protection and unimpeded vision. secure1

Level 2 : Protection and freedom of movement

The half-side rail is engaged and allows the resident to get out of bed with confidence secure-2


Level 3 : Maximum security

All four half-side rails are raised entirely. secure-3

Niveau 4 : Treatment

The bed may be fitted with a therapeutic mattress secure-4



Minimum height: 230 mm Maximum height: 730 mm Maximum inclined position adjustment (forward / backward): 20° Maximum upper torso raising adjustment: 70° Translation with upper torso raised: 80 mm Weight: 100 kg Maximum capacity: 200 kg

Supply voltage: 240 V – 50 Hz Operating voltage: 24 VCC IP protection rating: IP X4 Bedding surface: 2000 x 900 mm Electrical classification: 1B

Our equipment are class 1 medical devices compliant with directive 93/42 / EEC.
Furthermore, they meet the following standards: NF EN 60601-1 / NF EN 60601-2-52 / NF EN 60601-1-2



Colour charts


  • ahf-_0002s_0019_Woodline
  • ahf-_0002s_0018_Frene lyon
  • ahf-_0002s_0017_Hacienda
  • ahf-_0002s_0016_Bouleau
  • ahf-_0002s_0015_Poirier
  • ahf-_0002s_0014_merisier
  • ahf-_0002s_0013_chene nebraska
  • ahf-_0002s_0012_hetre lyon
  • ahf-_0002s_0011_Chene naturel
  • ahf-_0002s_0010_erable
  • ahf-_0002s_0009_Basalte
  • ahf-_0002s_0008_Reflet
  • ahf-_0002s_0007_Orange
  • ahf-_0002s_0006_Cerise
  • ahf-_0002s_0005_Abeille
  • ahf-_0002s_0004_Sancha
  • ahf-_0002s_0003_Aluminium
  • ahf-_0002s_0002_Bleu polaire
  • ahf-_0002s_0001_Horizon
  • ahf-_0002s_0000_Craie


  • ahf-_0000s_0004_Blanchi
  • ahf-_0000s_0003_Naturel
  • ahf-_0000s_0002_Acajou
  • ahf-_0000s_0001_Wenghe
  • ahf-_0000s_0000_Mérisier





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