Visiona bed

New hotel-style medical bed


Comfort & Safety


With our VISIONA bed, ensure comfort and safety both for the patients and for the caregivers.


Thanks to its safety alarms which are directly integrated onto the bed, the caregivers are able to supervise the patient’s safety and to control it. The bed maximises comfort and is versatile and easy to use.


The bed has four adjustable alarms easily accessible thanks to the caregivers’ nurse control:


  • Height of the bed
  • Brake activation
  • Side rail position
  • Out of bed


  • Low position

    23 cm to secure the patient

  • High position

    68 cm to carry out the care

  • Declive position

    to reposition the patient in bed in case of emergency

  • Fowler position

    to relieve pressure points in case of prolonged bed rest

  • Armchair position

    for the well-being of the patient through a change of compression points



Invisible safety sensors to detect the patient, the bed height or the activation of the brakes or the side rails.

Nurse control

Both alarms and traditional functions of the bed can be found on the new nurse control.


To enhance the patient's well-being, opt for our reading light to create a warm atmosphere and our built-in sound system to provide optimum listening quality while reducing noise nuisances.

Side rail

Opt for our 3/4 side rails available on the bed.<br /> Two positions: high and low.

Variable height

A 23 cm low position to guarantee safety and a high position of 68 cm to carry out care.


4 double roller covered casters to brake and move the bed easily.


A comfortable removable bedspring (ABS slats or compact).

Spécifications techniques

Low position 230 mm
High position 680 mm
Declive-proclive 20°
Backrest angle 70°
Backrest translation 80 mm
Weight 100 kg
Safety working load 200 kg
Supply voltage 240 V – 50 Hz
Voltage in use 24 VCC
Protection (IP) IP X4
Dimensions 2000 x 900 mm
Electric class 1B
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